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About the Ann Arbor guide...

Watering Holes: Your Guide to Ann Arbor's Bars, Pubs, and Taverns is a guide to the bars, pubs, and taverns located in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the time of printing, we believe that totalled 137. Each page contains not only the name, but also a picture, phone number, website (if they have one), address, hours of operation and happy hour times, the neighborhood, and whether they have a full bar, draft beer, a full kitchen, or dancing. Following this basic information, there are descriptions of the interior, entertainment options, and a high-level overview of the bar scene and the food offered, when applicable. See what it looks like Inside The Book.

Scattered throughout the pages are Author's favorites notations, tips on parking, and mention of long-running specials.

Basically, just about everything you would need to know to make a decision about visiting can be found in the book. One word of warning: Things change. By things, I mean hours of operation, specials, menus, and possibly even the days a bar might be open. Your best bet is to call first.

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